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Newsletter Spring-Summer 2018

In this issue we will examine the following issues of property, family and business law in Greece: -Joint ownership of real estate: Rights and Obligations of Owners -Is it against the law to keep pets on your property? -An overview of the child adoption process -The setting up of a branch of a foreign company […]

Newsletter- Winter 2017

In this issue we will examine the following issues of Greek inheritance, family and property law: Is a parent who has been granted custody allowed to relocate abroad with the child? Who is responsible for the defects and restoration expenses of leased property? We will also provide an overview of Greek Inheritance law and discuss the effect of European […]

Rent disputes in Greece: What happens when the rent is not paid?

Due to the ongoing financial crisis, disputes among landlords and tenants that regard property and real estate matters in Greece about the non-payment of rents are among the most commonly faced court disputes today. Quite often the owner of leased property, despite all possible efforts made by the tenant to pay the rent, is ultimately faced […]

Newsletter-Summer 2017

In the Summer issue of our newsletter we examine the following legal issues as well as others that are of a common interest: What are the requirements in order to obtain Greek citizenship? What types of divorce are there in Greece? What is the process when buying property in Greece? What is a Greek “silent company”? […]

The “IKE” Private Company in Greece: A New and Flexible Type of Company

 In the recent years, there has been a great development of Private Companies (Ιδιωτική Κεφαλαιουχική Εταιρεία «ΙΚΕ»), also known as “companies of one euro”. These companies were introduced by virtue of Greek law n. 4072/2012 as amended by law n. 4155/2013. Due to the minimum cost required for their establishment and simplified operation, they are […]

Newsletter – Spring 2017

In this issue we will examine the following:  family law, including legal issues of divorce and custody of children in Greece, new legislation for airbnb-type rentals, ENFIA tax, the recognition of foreign court judgements in Greece as well as commonly faced legal issues with tenants. Newsletter Spring 2017