Our Law Offices “SPILIOTI, PETZETAKI & NASTOU” provide complete legal services to Greek Expatriates and the Greek Omogeneia, in terms of:

  • Legal representation in court proceedings and before Greek authorities;
  • Legal consulting, preventive advice and out of court settlement of disputes.

We understand the legal needs of expatriates. Because of our Greek-American educational backgrounds and the fact that we have lived in both countries, we have first -hand knowledge of the issues and the uncertainty often faced by expatriate Greeks when dealing with Greek Law. Our team of expert lawyers work closely with our clients, in order to assist them in preventing or resolving legal problems, through personalized legal advice. In the past, we have successfully handled a wide range of legal issues encountered by clients residing abroad, our legal services including the following:

  • Legal representation before the courts and Greek authorities (tax authorities, Ministries, Social Security Funds, Urban Planning Departments, Land Registries, Cadasters, Independent authorities etc.)
  • Real estate management (lease contacts with tenants, collection of rents, proceedings to force to vacate, issuing of orders for payment of rents etc.)
  • Legal assistance to foreigners buying property in Greece
  • Tax settlements (tax residence certificates, motions before the administrative courts, settlements etc.)
  • Law of succession (assistance in the drafting of wills, parental gifts, research for real property and bank deposits in Greece, acceptance/renouncement of inheritance etc)
  • Family law (divorce, adoption etc)
  • Official translations of documents to or from Greek and granting of the apostil seal.
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments in Greece.
  • Military office issues.
  • Pension and social security law issues (filing of petitions of relevant documentation)
  • Business law: set-up and dissolution of companies, collection of business claims, energy law, solar photovoltaics, wind generators etc.)

In working with us, you will find out that:

  • We work with specialized professionals in related fields. We have a network of public notaries, real estate agents, civil engineers and accountants that assist us with the representation of our clients.
  • We are accessible by email or phone to address all of your legal matters. We will be happy to arrange for a free consultation where we can discuss your legal concerns and explore the solutions that are suitable to your case.
  • All fees and costs are agreed upon in writing before we undertake the case so that you are aware in advance of all relative costs. We also will provide you with timely reports regarding the progress of our legal actions.